DR SAM GUGLANI, Consultant Oncologist, Director and Curator of Medicine Unboxed and author of Histories (Riverrun 2016) hosts VOICES, a series of conversations exploring the fragility and wonder of life, human mortality, social justice, science and care as viewed through medicine and the arts.


Medicine Unboxed has held 10 sell-out events exploring the interface between medicine and the arts.

With tens of thousands of plays of our audio and video conference archives, VOICES is ready to inform, challenge and enchant new and wider audiences. It is for every person who wants to think, care and feel more deeply about the wonder and responsibility of being human. 

In 2023, Medicine Unboxed returned with MATTER in London.

Medicine Unboxed MATTER 2023

Medicine Unboxed VOICES Season 1 includes interviews with Richard HollowayDanny Dorling, Deborah Bowman, Sarah Perry, Kit de Waal, Richard Horton, Sue Black, Samantha Harvey, Jenn Ashworth, Mark Taubert, Mark O’Connell and Max Porter.


Season 1 Executive Producers

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Medicine Unboxed VOICES S1E11
Mark Taubert

Sam Guglani talks to Mark Taubert about sadness, pain and loss in his work as a palliative care doctor, and about his own experience of - and feelings about - death.

Medicine Unboxed VOICES S1E10
Mark O'Connell

Sam Guglani talks to journalist, essayist and literary critic Mark O’Connell, author of To Be a Machine (Granta 2017, winner of the Wellcome Prize) and Notes from An Apocalypse:  A Personal Journey to the End of the World and Back (Granta, 2020).

Medicine Unboxed VOICES S1E9
Samantha Harvey

Sam Guglani talks to Samantha Harvey about her memoir ‘The Shapeless Unease’ and how an intense and disturbing experience of insomnia drove her writing and resulted in a book which was “fragmented and disjointed in terms of interest, subjects, one, voice and register”. 

Medicine Unboxed VOICES S1E8
Jenn Ashworth

Sam Guglani talks to Jenn Ashworth, author of A Kind of Intimacy, Fell and most recently Notes Made While Falling. In this discussion Jenn talks to Sam about her encounters with doctors as a child raised in a Mormon community, about the role of fiction in her understanding of the world and of illness.

Medicine Unboxed VOICES S1E7
Sue Black

Sam Guglani talks to Professor Dame Sue Black OBE about how forensic pathology is changing, about her work in identifying perpetrators of child sexual abuse and in war crimes investigations and about hope, optimism and how she maintains objectivity when faced with the effects of human cruelty.

Medicine Unboxed VOICES S1E6
Richard Horton

Recorded before COVID-19, Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet, talks to Sam Guglani about his roots and formative experiences - and more recently his own illness - about the value of cooperative behaviour, about scientific publication, trust and politics, and the role of medicine as a global force for good.

Medicine Unboxed VOICES S1E5
Deborah Bowman

Sam Guglani in discussion with Deborah Bowman, Professor of Ethics and Law at St George's, University of London, about ethics, law and the tensions between them in the context of medical ethics and about her own experience of illness.

Medicine Unboxed VOICES S1E4
Kit de Waal

Sam Guglani talks to Kit de Wall about about her novel My Name is Leon and about childhood pain, loss, humanity and compassion, about 'embracing the grey' of right and wrong and about the role of literature and knowledge.

Medicine Unboxed VOICES S1E3
Richard Holloway

Sam Guglani talks to Richard Holloway about ageing, his draw to and ambivalence around religion, the shared human capacity for cruelty, the vital duty towards kindness, and the possibility of hope.

Medicine Unboxed VOICES S1E2
Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry speaks with Sam Guglani about her own encounter with illness and medicine, the value of fiction, the vagaries of moral judgment, and the presence of mystery in the pursuit of knowledge.

Medicine Unboxed VOICES S1E1
Danny Dorling

Sam Guglani talks to Danny Dorling. Danny's work concerns issues of housing, health, employment, education and poverty. He is the author of Inequality and the 1% (Verso) described in the Financial Times as "a clear case against inequality that might also persuade the enlightened rich."

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